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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Matthew Gramlich who was born in Rochester, New York on July 02, 1987 and passed away on December 18, 2005 in Farmington, NY at the age of 18. We will remember him forever. "VICTOR: Sunday, December 18, 2005, at age 18. Predeased by his maternal grandfather Joseph William Marrocco, He is survived by his mother, Donna Gramlich (Marrocco) & (fiance' Ronald B. Ayers); father, James Gramlich; maternal grandmother, Amelia Marrocco; paternal grand parents, Patricia and Paul Gramlich; aunts & uncles, Linda and Mike Rosa, William and Deborah Marrocco, Thomas and Audrey Marrocco; Kate and John Crane; George (Cathy) Pawlyk; step brothers, Frank Ayers, Ron and (Amy) Ayers; step grandfather, Ronald L. Ayers; step aunts and uncles, Jenny and Kevin Quigley, Gary and Diane Ayers; many cousins. _________________________________________________________________ Matt was alway's very close to his Grandma since his grandfather passed away when he was only 4 yrs. old. Since then he was Grandma's little helper doing things around the house for her. As Matt got older his grandma became more and more sick. After Matthew passed away it was like he was calling Grandma home to heaven so she wouldn't suffer no more. Sadly she passed away 6 1/2 weeks after Matt. They are now together in heaven. Below is his Grandma's web-site. Please light a candle or leave a tribute for her too.
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5 th Anniversary   / Donna Gramlich (Mom)
Another year without you sweetie.  I wish you where still here with all of us.  I miss you so much.  Christmas has not been the same since you've been gone.  Today I made a whole lot of cookies and I know if you where still here y...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday   / Chelsea
another birthday gone by with you not here. i hope you had a good one in Heaven i love you SO much sweetie xoxoxo
missing you   / Chelsea
i've been thinking about you so much lately.  its almost been 5 years.  ive graduated high school gone away to college graduated college and done so much with my life.  sometimes i feel guilty because ive gotten to move on and do so mu...  Continue >>
Grandfather  / Paul Gramlich (Grandfather)
Matt Changed My Life Forever   / Meg Stephan (former fellow student at Victor )
One day I had convinced myself it was going to be my last day on earth. I had brought a scarf with me to school and I was going to hang myself in the girls bathroom. I had it all figured out. I was going to go to my math class and sit there for awhil...  Continue >>
My prayers are being sent to our Father in Heaven  / Robin Grossmann (Brother in Christ )    Read >>
Grandparents / Paul &. Pat Gramlich (Grandparents)    Read >>
Grandparents / Paul &. Pat Gramlich (Grandparents)    Read >>
In Loving Memory of Matthew  / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )    Read >>
Thinking of you on your angel date  / Jo-Ann Pacenta Lauren's Mom (Angel family friend )    Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Kate Porter Christopher's Mum     Read >>
Never Forgotten  / Precious Memorials     Read >>
Happy Halloween  / Kate Porter Christopher's Mum     Read >>
Happy Birthday Matthew  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's Mom /. Joe Rhodes's Wife (visitor)    Read >>
HAPPY 21ST. BIRTHDAY MATT  / PAUL GRAMLICH (Grandparents)    Read >>
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